How to migrate from release 2.X to the new release 3.X?

In order for you to migrate to the new 3.X release follow the steps below.
You should know that your remote SignagePlayers will not be interrupted during the migration process. Also, this migration will never have to be performed again, just this once as we moved to a new server farm from release 2.X to 3.X. Future releases (3.X onwards will not require any special migration procedures).

1. First make sure your are using the SignageStudio Desktop version and confirm you are running release 2.2.2012 or greater. You can get the version by clicking Help > About


2. IMPORTANT: You have to make sure all your remote SignagePlayers are running Adobe AIR 3.4 or newer BEFORE you begin the migration.

You can get Adobe AIR from here:

3. During the migration your players will not be interrupted so your audience will continue and enjoy your current digital signage presentation. Once the update to the new release 2.2.2012 has completed on the SignageStudio side, you will need to restart all your remote computers twice.  The first reboot will force the update of the SignagePlayer from release 2.2.2012 to version 3.0.  The second reboot of the PC will reload the SignageController.

And since the migration from 2.x to 3.x can take several hours (on the server side), we highly recommend that you set all SignagePlayers to
reboot several hours AFTER you begin the migration process. So if you begin the migration at let’s say 1PM on Sat, we would recommend you schedule a reboot of your SignagePlayers at 7PM that evening.  It’s important you set this before you begin the migration process as once your account has been moved over, you remote stations will no longer be controllable via the SignageStudio, until they are rebooted twice. To set your station (SignagePlayer) to reboot, select it under the SignageStudio > Stations and under the properties of each station click on [Reboot conditions], select [Reboot every day] and set the radio button for [Station] (do not not choose the radio button for Player as the whole PC must be rebooted). Finish by setting the time (for example 19:00 for 7PM that evening).

Remember to click File > save when you are done so it applies the changes to your remote SignagePlayers. When the PC is rebooted the 1st time it will load the new 3.0 software.
On the next reboot the latest SignageController will load.


4. Once all your remote stations have been successfully updated and are running release
2.2.2012, you can begin the migration process to the new 3.X.  To do this, under the SignageStudio Desktop version click on
File menu > Migrate to 3.0 and select “Do it now”

The migration process will kick start within 15 minutes and can last several hours. While the migration to the new server is taking place you will not be able to access the SignageStudio.

However your remote players will continue and play with no interruption to your audience.


5. As soon as the migration has been completed, you will receive an email to the same login email as your primary account. Once completed you will be able to login to your SignageStudio 3.X using the web SignageStudio here:

or the SignageStudio Desktop version here:

5.Your remote SignagePlayers will not appear in your Stations section of the application until they are rebooted. Once rebooted, the remote SignagePlayers will automatically join the new and proper account / campaign and be available through the SignageStudio 3.X > Stations interface.
Remember that a 2nd reboot is still needed the following day for the 3.0 SignageController to load and to allow access to SignageController features such as remote snapshots, remote reboot etc.

*.Enterprise users / Resellers must modify the HTML snippet on their web site and change the default install links of the SignagePlayer and SignageStudio Desktop and Web.

To grab the updated HTML snippet, login to the ResellerStudio and click on the
File menu > Tools > White label page and copy / paste the new 3.X HTML snippet to your web site.

**. Previous beta testers of the 3.X system that have the same login email on 3.X as 2.X account should read the following message:
In order to resolve the account (email) conflict when migrating from 2.0 to 3.0 we will be adding a postfix of .30 to your account. So for example, if your 2.X login email was and you were beta testing 3.0 with the same email of, when migrating your existing account from 2.X to 3.X  will be adding a .30 postfix as in:  (password will remain the same).

And so you should contact us and let us know which account you would like to keep so we can delete the other one. Enterprise users who wish to keep both accounts may result in double monthly charge so please keep that in mind.